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Bachelor of Science in Biological Science Education Grades 8-12

Program Coordinators: Dr. Billy Haigler and Dr. Katrina Slone

Alice Lloyd College Department of Education; Alice Lloyd College Natural Science and Mathematics Division

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The major in Biological Science Education prepares students to teach the academic standards for Biology in grades eight through twelve. In addition to the curriculum requirements outlined, students pursuing this degree must meet the criteria for admission to the Teacher Education Program, Student Teaching, and the Kentucky and Alice Lloyd Teacher Standards. Upon completion of this program, students must meet other specified Education Professional Standards Board requirements in order to secure certification.

Students in education must earn a 2.75 overall GPA in all course work in order to graduate. Note also that in each of the following areas a 2.75 overall GPA is required as well as no grade lower than “C”: 1) education professional courses, 2) all subject matter and collateral courses.

Biological Science Education (Grades 8-12) Major Requirements

Students should become familiar with the requirements for their individual programs and work with their advisors to ensure that all degree requirements will be met. A guide sheet is extremely helpful in academic planning. Students wishing to major in Biological Science Education (Grades 8-12) may access a downloadable version (pdf) of the guide sheet at the top of this page, or he or she may obtain one from his or her Faculty Advisor or from the Registrar. The student has the ultimate responsibility for seeing that all academic requirements are being met.

General Education Requirements / 54 hours

Institutional – 18 hours: CIS 110, COMM 126, ENG 101, ENG 102, LE 101, PE 103

Humanities: 12 hours

Social Sciences: 12 hours

Natural Sciences/Mathematics: 12 hours

Biology Requirements / 28-32 hours

Required (24 hours): BIOL 205, 206, 220, 305, 306, 413

Biology Electives:

4 hours to be chosen from BIOL 211, 212, 310, 315, 330, 451

*In addition, as many as 6 hours of upper-division course work not offered at Alice Lloyd College may be transferred from other institutions (for example, courses offered at summer field institutes and biological stations) with prior approval of the Division Chair and the Vice President for Academics/Dean of the College.

Sciences and Mathematics Collateral Requirements / 19 hours

CHEM 115, 116, 225
MATH (minimum of 4 hours) – excluding MATH 100, 110, 112, 201, and 202

Professional Education Requirements / 43 hours

Educ 200, 220, 309, 311, 312, 313, 316, 320, 321, 322, 330, 353, 370, and 412.

*Educ 409 is required of students who are obtaining more than one certification or need more time in the classroom prior to student teaching.

Professional Education Collateral Requirement / 6 hours

HLTH 210, EDUC 211

For Those Students Wishing to Add Middle School Certification in Science:

Professional Education Requirements / 3 hours
: EDUC 321

Subject Matter Emphasis Requirements/ 30-31 hours:
Science: 30-31 hours
Required (16 hours): AST 101, BIOL 111, 205, 206, and 13-14 hours chosen from Option 1 or 2:
1) CHEM 115 and 116, PHYS 211
2) CHEM 115, PHYS 211 and 212

Recommended Electives:
CHEM 226, MATH 250, PHYS 211/212

For Those Students Wishing To Add Learning/Behavior Disorder Certification:

Professional Education Requirements / 23 Hours
EDU 324, 325, 326, 327, 328
MATH 201, 202

General Electives / sufficient to equal 128 hours for graduation:

Student are encouraged to consider courses that can lead to a second major or a minor.
See guidesheet to find courses required to add LBD endorsement.


Suggested Course Sequence

Freshman Year

First Semester

ENG 101
PE 103
MATH 113/125
Humanities Elective
BIOL 101

Second Semester

ENG 102
COMM 126
MATH 114
CIS 110
BIOL 205
EDUC 220

Sophomore Year

First Semester

CHEM 115
Biology Elective
Social Science Elective
Humanities Elective
EDUC 211

Second Semester

CHEM 116
HLTH 210
Social Science Elective
LE 101
Humanities Elective
Social Science Elective

Junior Year

First Semester

CHEM 225
EDUC 321
EDUC 311
BIOL 206
BIOL 220
Social Science Elective


Second Semester

BIOL 306
EDUC 353
EDUC 316
EDUC 322
BIOL 305
EDUC 309
EDUC 312

Senior Year

First Semester

EDUC 313
EDUC 330
EDUC 320
EDUC 370
Humanities Elective
Social Science Elective
BIOL 413

Second Semester

EDUC 412

*Educ 409 is required of students who are obtaining more than one certification or need more time in the classroom prior to student teaching.

This online information is the official text of the Alice Lloyd College Program Catalog 2020-22 and the Social Science Major Handbook. The College reserves the right to change at any time any of the provisions, statements, policies, curricula, procedures, regulations or fees. Other publications supplement the Program Catalog and may be obtained from the appropriate office of the College. The provisions of these publications constitute an agreement – but not an irrevocable contract – between the student and the College.