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Jarrod Stamper

Jarrod Stamper

Hey there! I’m Jarrod, a senior History major here at Alice Lloyd College.

I spend my days on campus working with, learning from, and helping the people from the area I have always called home. I’m originally from Whitesburg, KY, which isn’t too far away from Pippa Passes. Being from a small town, life on Caney Creek feels like home. When I’m not in class, you can usually find me in the Admissions Office or roaming campus with my friends. While at Alice Lloyd I have gotten to meet some amazing people and make memories I’ll never forget.

I encourage you to visit our campus and see what the Eagle experience is all about.- Jarrod Stamper, Admissions Ambassador/Admissions Student Supervisor

Q & A with Jarrod

  1. Why did you choose to attend college at Alice Lloyd?

    I chose to attend Alice Lloyd College because it met the three things I was looking for in a college: ALC offered me a high quality education at an unbeatable price in a “home-like” atmosphere. I couldn’t imagine a better fit for me than Alice Lloyd.

  2. What campus activities can students become involved in?

    Alice Lloyd may be small, but if offers a variety of groups and organizations that students can be involved in. Groups on campus range from the Student Government Association to the Impact Club and beyond. There are groups and clubs designed for almost every major. By participating in campus clubs and organizations, students are also able to acquire additional leadership roles. For example, I was an active member of the Law Society on campus, and now, in my senior year, I have been elected as the club’s president.

  3. What aspects of student life at ALC do you like and appreciate the most?

    Student life at Alice Lloyd is different than that of other colleges and universities. We’re a small college with around six hundred students. For me, that number was almost half the size of my high school. Living on campus, you get to mix with everyone and really embrace the culture of the school. Because we’re a small school, almost everybody knows everybody. What I appreciate most about student life at Alice Lloyd is that we all work together. We work with each other and help each other to be the best we can be and better prepare ourselves for our futures.

  4. Do you feel safe on campus?

    Alice Lloyd has a very “home-like” atmosphere. In addition to locking campus buildings, there is also a police station on campus. The campus is always well patrolled and every effort is made to make the staff, faculty, and students feel safe. If anything were to happen in which a student didn’t feel safe, they can report their situation to the administration or police offers who will do everything they can to resolve the problem. I feel very safe on campus and know that if I ever didn’t, I could tell someone and have it taken care of.

  5. Do you find it difficult to balance the demands of classes at ALC, your work-study, and extracurricular activities? What advice would you give to a potential or current ALC student about successfully handling all aspects of college life?

    Balance and success in college life depends on the student. For me, I haven’t found a problem balancing my classwork, work-study, and social schedule. I often take large course loads, which can prove to be tedious from time to time, but with a strong work ethic and dedication, I’ve managed to find success in my endeavors. My advice to incoming students is not to bite off more than you can chew. Students should know their limits and capabilities. It is easy to get overwhelmed in college, but the trick is to build a schedule that fits and works for you.

  6. In your opinion, what makes Alice Lloyd the best choice for prospective college students?

    Alice Lloyd College does more for students than give them a degree. When students leave ALC, they will have a strong work ethic, a high quality education, and the skills needed to be the leader Appalachia needs to take us into the future. This alone should emphasize why Alice Lloyd is the best pick for prospective students. ALC is a school that believes in you and can offer you opportunities to put you on a path to a successful future.

  7. What are your goals for life after ALC?

    After I graduate from Alice Lloyd College, I would like to advance to graduate school. Since my aspirations are centered on becoming a lawyer, that for me would be law school. I know that Alice Lloyd will prepare me for what lies ahead and will help me to be all that I can be.

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