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Fall 2016 Schedule of Classes (pdf)
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Course Descriptions

IMG_4498The mission of the Alice Lloyd College Teacher Education Program is to educate teacher candidates for positions of leadership in which they demonstrate character, capability, and service.

Alice Lloyd College has a long-standing tradition in preparing teachers for service in the mountains. The College provided teacher preparation and certification programs until 1958, when teachers were no longer certified to teach with only two years of preparation. With the emergence of new requirements for certification, the College focused on liberal arts and pre-professional programs, designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year degree granting institution. The College successfully completed transition to four-year status in 1982, offering several majors leading to certification in all grade levels. Many recent graduates have joined those of the past to provide educational opportunities for the youth of the mountains.

Mrs. Alice Lloyd felt strongly that mountain people should be educated for leadership. This philosophy became known as Leadership Education, as evidence by the College’s history in providing professional and pre-professional preparation for hundreds of past and present leaders of the Appalachian Mountains. Educators, physicians, lawyers, agriculturalists, accountants, and many other professionals in the area received their initial higher education at Alice Lloyd College. It remains a primary objective of the College to prepare teachers for the region who are professional, dedicated, and committed to the teaching profession.

Majors Offered

Elementary Education P-5 (one emphasis)
Middle School Education Grades 5-9 (one emphasis or two emphases)
English Education Grades 8-12
Physical Education Grades P-12
Social Studies Education Grades 8-12
Biological Science Education Grades 8-12
Mathematics Education Grades 8-12
*Learning Behavior Disorders (Special Education) 

*LBD can be added to any major area except Physical Education

Education Emphasis Areas to Choose From:

Elementary Areas:

English / Communications
Fine Arts / Humanities
Social & Behavioral Studies

Middle School Areas:
English / Communications
Social & Behavioral Studies

Elementary Education (P-5) and Education 8-12 majors may choose to receive Middle School Certification in the following areas:
English / Communications
Social Studies

Extracurricular Activities

KEA-SP (Kentucky Education Association – Student Program) is a professional organization for education majors. It is affiliated with the Kentucky Education Association and the National Education Association. Its purpose is to foster development, commitment, and service in the profession of education. It is required that all Teacher Education Program (TEP) students be KEA-SP members. KEA-SP membership is also required in order to complete field observation hours in Education 200.

Teacher Education Program (TEP)

The Teacher Education Program (TEP) at Alice Lloyd College is a demanding program designed to prepare teachers to acquire a broad range of knowledge in their subject areas and a firm background in the theory and philosophy of education and human development and learning. The academic course of study is supported by extensive experience in classroom observation and practice. The criteria for admission to the Teacher Education Program and to Student Teaching are outlined in the following sections. Please note that some current teacher education programs will be replaced by new certification programs in accordance with Education Professional Standards Board mandates. Questions regarding actual and projected changes should be discussed with Teacher Education personnel or the Vice President for Academics/Dean of the College.

Criteria for Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Student Teaching

Student teaching is a collaborative effort between the rural P-12 schools, cooperating teachers, teacher candidates, college supervisors, and the teacher preparation institution. The goal of student teaching is to provide the teacher candidate opportunities to express individuality, continue building on knowledge and skills, hone leadership abilities, and foster and encourage the development of his or her individual teaching style. Additionally, the student teaching experience requires that the student teacher demonstrate mastery in meeting the Kentucky Teachers Standards and Alice Lloyd College Student Outcomes.Student teaching is the culminating experience for the Alice Lloyd candidate before embarking on a fulfilling career of improving learning for all students.

Fall 2016 Student Teachers (2)

Fall 2016 Student Teachers

The cooperating teacher is the key person in the daily guidance of the teacher candidate’s activities and ongoing evaluation. The cooperating teacher works with the teacher candidate in planning lessons and in the selection of a variety of differentiated instructional strategies. This planning and selection process is determined by analysis of assessments and evaluations. The teacher candidate is actively engaged with the cooperating teacher in the process of analyzing student work. The analysis will guide the teacher candidate in the decision-making process concerning the skills, strategies, and further instruction needed to improve learning of all students.

The college supervisor is involved in defining and communicating the purposes and expectations to be fulfilled by the teacher candidate and the cooperating teacher. In collaboration with the cooperating teacher, the supervisor assists in decisions regarding the gradual induction of the student teacher into assuming all classroom responsibilities. An important role for the supervisor is to support the teacher candidate and aid in keeping channels of communication open between the cooperating teacher, the teacher candidate, and the Alice Lloyd College Teacher Education Program. The college supervisor assists the teacher candidate in overcoming barriers that might hinder his/her potential to be a teacher of distinction.

Mutual understanding, respect, and open communication are key factors in having a successful Student Teacher Program. The student teacher has the ultimate responsibility for seeing that all academic requirements are being met. It is, therefore, the intent of the Alice Lloyd College Teacher Education Program to strive for all stakeholders’ involvement and collaboration in this endeavor.

Desired Outcomes


Criteria for Admission to Student Teaching


Student Outcomes

The student teacher will:

  • Teach the content and subjects for which he/she seeks certification
  • Consistently demonstrate all Kentucky Teacher Standards and Alice Lloyd College Student Outcomes and Dispositions
  • Successfully complete the modified TPA tasks and show evidence of meeting all standards as well as student teaching requirement
  • Achieve at least a C or better on the portfolio rubric
  • Use assessment feedback from the cooperating teacher, college supervisor, and self-evaluations to construct a professional growth plan
  • Consistently infuse technology in the teaching/learning and assessment processes both with teacher and student use
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to meet the needs of a diverse population
  • Reflect, both orally and in writing, and critically analyze the impact of teaching on learning, on professional growth, and on the ability to meet all standards

Important Resources, Documents and Downloads

Please check out the below information for access to important forms, handbooks, and links pertaining to the ALC Education Department.

Due to new Kentucky state regulations, the resources found on this webpage are undergoing revisions – some changes will be minor, but many will be major. Candidates for the Teacher Education Program (TEP) should contact the Alice Lloyd College Department of Education for current information: Telephone: 606-368-6003 or e-mail:

Teaching Philosophy




Teacher Candidate Resources





Student Work Guidelines for Student Teachers

Student work is an integral part of the academic curriculum at Alice Lloyd College. Student teachers are expected to continue their activities in The Student Work Program while they are completing their student teaching. Students have the option of continuing the student work requirement off-campus in the school where they have been assigned for student teaching, if that option fits best with the particular student’s schedule.

It is mandatory that student teachers perform their student work assignments under the supervision of someone other than their cooperating teachers. This means someone other than the cooperating teacher would be responsible for student work obligations and student work duties. There must be a clear distinction between work-study and student teaching assignments. Work performed by the student teacher should be clearly different from those activities that the student is expected to perform as a student teacher. For example, if part of the cooperating teacher’s duties include supervising the school lunchroom, the student teacher should not receive student work credit for doing the same thing. If something such as selling refreshments at a school/community activity is not a regular assignment and is not considered part of the supervising teacher’s routine duties, the student teacher could receive student work credit for this work.

Some recognized activities for student work might include working with school clubs such as 4-H, FBLA, FHA, FFA and the like; assisting with athletic teams; extra assignments within the school such as hall duty before and after school or playground duty before and after school; special after school activities such as tutoring, plays, musical performances, or art shows. All work performed must meet ALC guidelines in terms of student insurance coverage and general policies. All assigned work must be for non-profit organizations and must not be connected with any political or religious organization as is required by federal student work guidelines. Alice Lloyd’s Director of the Student Work Program must approve all student work assignments.

In accordance with federal guidelines, students receive minimum wage, and checks are issued through the ALC Business Office. It is the student’s responsibility to sign checks when they are issued. Earned wages are used to pay school tuition.

Guidelines for Student Teachers Who Work Off-Campus


Teacher Education Program General Information

General Info


All other pertinent information for Alice Lloyd’s Teacher Education Program can be found in the Teacher Education Handbook (pdf) and the Student Teaching Handbook (pdf).

Questions? Please contact:

Sherry Watts, Secretary to the Education Department
Phone: (606) 368-6003

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Dr. Sarrah Grubb


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Dr. Buford McWright
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