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The Arts @ ALC

Cast of Peter Pan with Professor Charles Mullins Alice Lloyd College provides a thriving and ever-growing small-campus arts community for its students. Various opportunities exist for our students to become involved in the arts, particularly in music, theatre, creative writing, the visual arts, and public speaking. As a liberal arts institution, Alice Lloyd believes that the study and expression of the arts greatly contribute to the education of the whole person. Located only a short distance from the Appalachian Artisan Center in Hindman, Kentucky, the Jenny Wiley Theatre in Prestonsburg, and the mountain arts hub of nearby Whitesburg (home of Appalshop), Alice Lloyd is uniquely positioned to expose its students to a wide variety of artistic disciplines from Appalachia and beyond.

The Voices of Appalachia

The Alice Lloyd College choir, the Voices of Appalachia, tours annually in the spring to various parts of the United States performing the hymns and ballads of the southern Appalachian highlands. The choir sings both a cappella and with accompaniment. Through their vocal performances, the choir members strive to convey the deep feelings mountain people have about their heritage and region.

A number of noteworthy and memorable places have been included in the choir’s travels. They have had the opportunity to perform on shows such as NBC’s Today Show, the Kelly Lang Show from Los Angeles, and a special segment on CBS This Morning with Charles Kuralt entitled the “Pride of Appalachia.” The Voices have had the opportunity to share our rich heritage in diverse venues, including the Ahwahne Hotel at Yosemite National Park, California; the National Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C.; and Gettysburg National Park. The choir’s spring tour rotates annually from Florida, Dallas, Chicago, New York City and New England, and occasionally, California.

The Voices of Appalachia choir was formed in 1962 when Abner Grender came to Caney Junior College to teach music. During the history of the Voices, seven people have served as conductor: Abner Grender, Paul Tse, David Benson, Richard Kennedy, Bryan Bolton, Richard Bowers, and Wendy Saylor. There have been approximately 800 to 900 choir members over the years, all of whom are still considered a part of the Voices family.

The Voices of Appalachia is a great asset to both Alice Lloyd College and the Appalachian region; the first priority is the benefit derived by the individual members from participation in the choral experience. Amazingly enough, the College does not offer any type of music major or minor, therefore, all members of the Voices of Appalachia are performing out of the love they hold for their heritage and the musical traditions that support their background.

Along with the week-long spring tour, which is student-planned, the choir also performs an on-campus Christmas concert and one or two Christmas productions at off-campus sites. In addition, each April the Voices present their spring program to the campus community upon returning from their tour. At times, the choir will be asked to perform at various on-campus and off-campus events. They also record their music for distribution on CD.

The choir sings shape note (in a cappella)/sacred harp, traditional, choral, praise/worship, and Bluegrass Gospel selections.

Find out more about the Voices of Appalachia here.

Alice Lloyd College Speech Communication

From the Campus Crusaders, who represented Caney Creek Community Center on their fundraising tours of the United States, to the dozens of students who address convocation audiences today—there is a long and rich tradition of public speaking at Alice Lloyd College.  By selecting a minor in Speech Communication and Theatre Arts, students begin their exposure to public speaking through the general education program and continue to present in many classes throughout their college tenure. Dr. Charles K. Mullins, Assistant Professor of Speech and Theatre, teaches COMM 126: Public Speaking, a course designed to introduce students to the principles and practice of public speaking.  Students learn how to prepare and deliver both informative and persuasive speeches, with emphasis placed on experiential learning through student performance in the classroom. Students may also register for COMM 130: Voice and Articulation, in which Dr. Mullins teaches students voice production, pronunciation, and articulation, vocal projection, rhythm, fluidity, and resonance. Other courses include COMM 215: Interpersonal Communication and COMM 201: Mass Media and Society.

Public speaking prospects abound for interested students, including opportunities to introduce speakers, organize and present at student events and convocations, lead school groups and other guests on campus tours, host radio programs, and represent ALC student organizations at state, regional, and national conferences.  Students may also participate each spring semester in the Annual James V. Mongiardo Speech Competition, one of ALC’s endowed awards.  ALC students who wish to obtain more information about participating in the competition may contact Professor Natalie Holt at

Alice Lloyd College Theatre

Alice Lloyd College Theatre offers a minor in Speech Communication and Theatre Arts that includes academic courses and theatrical production experience that provides students with valuable cross-disciplinary connections with the arts, humanities (the study of the human condition), social sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences.  Under the direction of Dr. Charles K. Mullins, Assistant Professor of Speech and Theatre, ALC Theatre provides both an academic and experiential theatre education as a foundation for their future endeavors.  The curriculum includes all aspects of theatre including performance and directing, design and technology, theatre history, and community engagement.

As the study of theatre is firmly grounded in the liberal arts, Dr. Mullins seeks to foster creativity, critical thinking, professionalism, and leadership through the integration of courses, productions, workshops, and other activities both on and off the stage. A mainstage production is directed each spring semester with auditions open to all Alice Lloyd College students, faculty, and staff.  The mission of ALC Theatre is to provide an academic and experiential theatre education for students in both performance and technical theatre and to provide audiences with quality productions from the classical to the contemporary.

Dr. Mullins teaches THEA 161: Introduction to Theatre, which serves as a study of theatre as art and as occupation, with an emphasis on the connection between theatre and society.  Emphasis is placed on the audience’s appreciation of the work of the playwright, director, actor, designer, producer, and critic.  Students may also register for THEA 162: Acting, in which Dr. Mullins familiarizes students with the fundamental techniques associated with the acting process.  Students are instructed on the fundamentals of realistic acting, focusing on relaxation, pursuit of goals, and critical analysis.  In THEA 460-463: Theatre Production, students learn about theatre while assigned to work in the spring production as a performer, stage manager, or member of the technical crew. Other courses include THEA 113 – 115: Film Genre Studies and THEA: Directing.  ALC students who wish to obtain more information about participating in ALC Theatre may contact Professor Holt at

ALC Theatre Club

ALC Theatre Club endeavors to increase awareness and appreciation of theatre within the ALC community as well as southeast Kentucky.  ALC Theatre Club seeks to provide a network for theatre enthusiasts and an opportunity for students to collaborate on theatre projects on the college campus and in the community.  ALC Theatre Club organizes multiple events throughout the year, some of which include fundraisers for continued improvement and support of ALC Theatre.  ALC Theatre Club is designed as a creative and supportive environment for students interested in all aspects of theatre, as well as a creative outlet for student actors, directors, designers, and playwrights to develop and share their craft. ALC students who wish to obtain more information about participating in ALC Theatre Club may contact Professor Natalie Holt at

Pottery and Painting with Local Artisan and Professor Michael Ware

Alice Lloyd art professor Mike Ware has his own studio at the nearby Hindman Settlement School. He received a bachelor’s degree in art education from Millersville University in Millersville, Pennsylvania in 1974 and a master’s degree from Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky in 1987. He has taught art at ALC since 1992. In addition, he is a member of the Kentucky Crafted program and is active in the arts community in and around Hindman.

Ware Collage Ware has been a production potter for over 21 years, and, during this time, has steadily produced a wide variety of utilitarian forms. He currently works in stoneware, which is fired in electric kilns; however, his background in production pottery includes a variety of techniques, including salt-glazed ceramics. Because of his love for Pennsylvania Dutch salt-glazed pottery, he developed a self-glazing clay body that has the appearance of the salt-glazing effects, one that he plans to use in his line of utilitarian pieces. Ware has developed various clay bodies and glazes for his line of pottery and frequently carves and pierces designs into his work, creating a wide array of graphic effects. His work is direct in appearance with rich, textural surfaces that add a quiet sophistication to the overall forms.

Students have the option of taking Ware’s class, ART 115, which serves as an introduction to methods of hand building (slab, coil, pinch, and wheel throwing), glazing, and decorative techniques. Students may also register for Ware’s ART 225: Painting class in which they will be taught the production of paintings in oil or acrylic with emphasis on developing individual techniques. In ART 305: ADVANCED STUDIO, students can further their studies in pottery, painting, sculpture, drawing, art history, or photography.

Ware regularly schedules art galleries of student-produced work, and occasionally, he works with the Appalachian Artisan Center and the Hindman Settlement School to bring traveling art galleries to the Alice Lloyd campus.

Ware often demonstrates his pottery talents off-campus at the Appalachian Artisan Center in Hindman and the Appalachian Artisan Center at Berea. (The above video was produced by the Appalachian Artisan Center at Berea.) His work can also be seen at Alice Lloyd’s Appalachia Day Homecoming festival on the second Saturday of every October.

The Billie and Curtis Owens Literary Society

The Billie and Curtis Owens Literary Society is an organization open to all students with an interest in creative writing and literature. Students may meet to discuss the works of established authors and to share their own writing. Funding is available for participants to travel to poetry and fiction readings as well as to other cultural events. Funding is also available to bring visiting authors to campus for workshops and readings. An eclectic approach to an appreciation of the literary arts will be encouraged. An annual writing competition in fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction is also sponsored by this society. Monetary prizes are awarded at the annual Honors Day celebration.

Arts & Entertainment Club

This club seeks to cultivate students’ appreciation for the arts and to conduct activities aimed at bringing good fun and entertainment to campus. Participants show films every other Wednesday at 8 PM in the Campbell Arts Center (CAC) Auditorium. Occasionally, club members will travel to see plays, films, and other events of interest. ALC students who wish to obtain more information about participating may contact Dr. Patrick Greene at

Questions? Please contact:

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