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Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Coordinator: Dr. Sara Pitts

2024-2025 Curriculum Guide Sheet

The Interdisciplinary Studies major provides students with a solid liberal arts background and flexibility to pursue an interdisciplinary course of study with particular applications to individual academic and/or career goals.

The major in Interdisciplinary Studies is designed for the student with clear interests and objectives that overlap multiple programs and whose objectives cannot reasonably be met through one existing major. The program offers students the opportunity to focus and harness their energies by providing plans of study tailored to their individual interests through the incorporation of courses or sets of courses offered in disciplines across campus. As such, the program emphasizes flexibility and combines specialized knowledge from individual disciplines to approach and analyze problems from divergent and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Students must earn at least a “C” in each required course designated as part of their Interdisciplinary Studies major curriculum and an overall GPA of at least 2.00.

General Education Requirements / 54 hours

Institutional: 18 hours: CIS 110, Comm 126, Eng 101, Eng 102, LE 101, PE 103.

Humanities: 12 hours

Social Science: 12 hours

Natural Science/Mathematics: 12 hours

Interdisciplinary Studies / 63-88 hours

The Interdisciplinary Studies major, designed by the student and the student’s faculty advisor, is intended for students who wish to develop a major different from those already offered by the College. Students build their own major based on three minors offered by Alice Lloyd College. Each of the three minors must represent the student’s academic and career goals. Students will work with each minor’s academic advisors to declare their program of study. The Registrar and the Provost will then approve the program.

Capstone / 3 hours

The capstone course will be individually crafted for each student, and mentors from each respective minor will serve as facilitators for the course.

Note: At least 30 hours of the IDST major must be at the 300 – 400 level.

General Electives / Sufficient to total 128 hours for graduation

Students are encouraged to take courses that best meet their career needs.