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Events in September 2023

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Alumna and Alumnus of the Year Banquet

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The Office of Alumni Relations

The leaders are here!

– Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd

YOU are those leaders. At Alice Lloyd College, we value our alumni, because they are fulfilling the dream of our founder by providing the leadership that Appalachia needs today. Our graduates are special people who have committed themselves to lives of service and are using their many talents to create a better tomorrow. Whether you are an entrepreneur, doctor, engineer, lawyer, or teacher, you are working every day to make the changes this region needs to build as storied a future as we have a past.

Alice Lloyd was wise to see that the Appalachian people were responsible for their own destiny, and this remains true today. Mindful of our heritage and determined in our present journey, we are hopeful for what is yet to come due to the fact that we are sending out the solutions this region needs one Appalachian student at a time. Our college community is like a close-knit Appalachian family, and our desire is to stay in touch with all of the people who began their life’s purpose on the banks of Caney Creek. You are important, you are making a difference, and your story is our story!

Alumni News

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Margaret F. Sloan

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Margaret F. Sloan

Dr. Margaret F. Richardson Sloan, a 1994 graduate of Alice Lloyd College, currently serves as the Director of the School of Strategic Leadership Studies at James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA) and is a professor in the program.

She initially attended Vanderbilt University, but when her father could no longer support her education there, a beloved aunt in Hazard, Kentucky, recommended Alice Lloyd College.  “ALC helped me when no other institution would and made a way for me to finish my undergraduate degree,” stated Margaret.  At ALC, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English.

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Alice Lloyd College Celebrates Alumna and Alumnus of the Year

Alice Lloyd College Celebrates Alumna and Alumnus of the Year

On September 16th, Alice Lloyd College held the twenty-fourth annual Alumna and Alumnus of the Year Banquet in the historic Cushing Hall. The banquet honored two alumni for their endearing service. Mrs. Mary Lois Jacobs (Class of 1960) and Mr. Cloys Thornsberry (Class...

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ALC Alumna Coordinates Water with Blessings

ALC Alumna Coordinates Water with Blessings

Dr. Kassi Duncan Marshall attended Alice Lloyd College until 2000, and then went on to medical school at the University of Louisville. Kassi says that Alice Lloyd and June Buchanan’s sacrifices and beliefs in the people of Appalachia, especially those in Eastern Kentucky, gave so much hope and opportunity to herself and others that have attended ALC.  The recent flooding in Eastern Kentucky calls for new challenges, where believing in God, community, and each other is essential to overcoming this tragedy. Through her faith in God and her belief in others, Dr. Kassi Marshall has found herself leading a relief effort right here at home.

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