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Student Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves both on and off campus as responsible members of a community and to demonstrate courtesy and respect for others. Abusive behavior, offensive language, theft, sexual misconduct, or placing a fellow member of the community in jeopardy in any way will not be tolerated.

Consistent with the tradition and philosophy of Alice Lloyd College are high standards of conduct and attitude. The attitudes of members of this community are reflected in the manner of speaking, in consideration of others’ property, in appropriate dress for the occasion at hand, in the quality of relationships and in excellence of work performed.

Students may be informed of regulations not printed in The Student Handbook which also apply.

Dress Code

Alice Lloyd College has a long-standing tradition of emphasizing development of the total person and a commitment to personal and community enhancement. As members of the campus community, students are expected to dress modestly and appropriately for various occasions.

The College recognizes that “modest” or “appropriate” is often loosely defined in society at large. Therefore, the following guidelines are offered to assist students in choosing suitable dress:

Professional Day (Tuesday) Dress:

Professional dress will be required of all students on central campus until 2:00 p.m. every Tuesday and for all convocation programs. Central campus includes all of the campus buildings with the exception of the gym, maintenance building, fitness center, and the residence halls.

Note: Professional Dress is defined as attire appropriate for professional business presentation or job interviews.

Professional Dress for Men (all items listed together must coordinate) consists of:

  •  Business suit, dress shirt (tucked in), tie, belt, dress socks and coordinating dress shoes or boots.
  •  Sport coat, dress slacks, dress shirt (button-down long/short sleeve, tucked in), belt, tie, dress socks and coordinating dress shoes or boots

Men’s Shoes:

  •  Polished lace-up or slip on shoes
  •  Polished dress or western boots

Professional Dress for Women (all items listed together must coordinate) consists of:

  • Business pantsuit (matching jacket/pants), blouse, hosiery/matching trouser socks, and appropriate dress shoes.
  • Business skirt suit, blouse, nylons, and appropriate dress shoes.
  • Business dress with sleeves or coordinating jacket, nylons, and appropriate dress shoes.

Women’s Shoes:

  •  Dress shoes with heel no higher than 2″
  •  Professional open-toed shoes with/without a back strap and with heels no higher than 2”
  •  Knee-length dress boots with heel no higher than 2”

Casual Dress:

Casual attire will be permitted on central campus at any time with the exception of professional day (Tuesdays until 2:00 p.m.). Students are asked to use reasonable discernment with regard to casual dress. Casual attire includes jeans, sweat suits, and walking shorts (which are past mid-thigh and in good taste).

Notations and Exceptions:

  • The College requires that all students remove their hats/caps when entering the cafeteria, classrooms or at special functions such as convocations.
  • Casual attire is allowed for breakfast any day of the week.
  • With the exception of professional day, students will be permitted to wear nylon sweats or walking shorts during the noon meal.
  • Clothing with slogans or artwork which the College deems to be inappropriate will not be permitted on campus.
  • Hairstyles and jewelry are to be modestly selected as determined by the Dean of Students. Earrings on males and facial or body rings on males or females are not allowed.


Christine Stumbo

Dean of Women

Phone: (606) 368-6125

E-mail: [email protected]

Brandon Arnold

Dean of Students and Community Life

Phone: (423) 646-3795

E-mail: [email protected]


Sherry Watts

Head Resident of Carrick Hall

Phone: (606) 368-6003

E-mail: [email protected]


John Mills

Head Resident of Howard Memorial Hall

Phone: (606) 368-6121

E-mail: [email protected]


David Hatfiled

Head Resident of Berger-Auen Hall

Phone: (606) 368-6012 

E-mail: [email protected]

Kala Thornsbury

Head Resident of Lilly Hall

Phone: (606) 368-6049


Mary Turner

Director of Campus Ministry

Phone: (606) 497-6799


Pippa Passes Police Department

Phone: (606) 368-2121