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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (CJ) explores complex issues of crime, justice and social policy from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Students will explore the theory and philosophy of law and justice in the United States. Students will examine the challenges they will face in the pursuit of justice in a complicated and ever-evolving social environment. Students will examine crime as a social problem and will develop the capacity to critically assess the existing criminal justice system with an aim to improve its condition and function. The degree in CJ is focused on developing future leaders who have been educated both in theory and how to apply theoretical concepts in the field.  Students will understand the depth of their responsibility as practitioners and learn how to utilize ethical leadership principles while protecting their respective areas of responsibility and communities.  The emphasis of the major is on developing analytical skills, ethical reasoning, and a capacity for problem-solving. CJ at Alice Lloyd College strives to develop creative and original thinking surrounding perhaps the most challenging social issues in the world. Students in CJ will be prepared to enter into either public or private law enforcement.  This includes private security, asset protection, corrections, Federal, state, and local law enforcement.  The curriculum in CJ has also been designed to support students who intend to enter graduate and/or law school.

For more information, please contact the Academic Dean at (606) 368-6061. 

Guide sheet and course descriptions are coming soon!