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Theatre Courses


161 Introduction to Theatre

Offered: Fall

3 credit hours

Investigation of theatre as art and as occupation, with emphasis on the connection between theatre and society. Analysis of artistic and design staff, scripts, and performances.

162 Acting

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: Thea 161 or permission of instructor.

3 credit hours

Introduction to the fundamentals of realistic acting, focusing on relaxation, pursuit of goals, and critical analysis. Participation in improvisational and scripted performance required.

460-463 Special Topics in Theatre

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Permission granted after audition or interview.

1-3 credit hours

 Intensive study of performance or stagecraft through work on a major production. The study is designed to help students develop a broad understanding of theatre production with a specific area of application. Integrates study of a specific script from a liberal arts perspective, with actualized production. Students may propose course of study for 1-3 hours of academic credit. Maximum 6 hours allowed.