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Leadership Education Courses (LE)

Description Courses | Alice Lloyd College Business Department 


101 Foundations of Leadership Education

Offered: Fall and Spring

3 credit hours

Students will study the dynamics of leadership behavior and group process; learn techniques of group leadership; examine contemporary leadership theories; consider ethical foundations for leadership with particular attention to the moral dimensions of leadership; and examine the central features of critical thinking. This course will also provide students a fundamental foundation for understanding leadership, increase their capacity to sustain the demands of leadership, and further develop their ability to understand the relationship between leadership and authority. 

470 Leadership Internship

Prerequisite: Leadership Minor and Junior or Senior status

3 credit hours

Students are placed with cooperating institutions and are jointly supervised by a work supervisor and a faculty member. Specific academic work requirements are stated in a learning-work agreement. Internship must have approval of faculty supervisor and Leadership Program Coordinator and adhere to institutional internship policies and procedures.

488 Readings and Research in Leadership

Prerequisite: Leadership Minor with Senior status.

 3 credit hours

An intense study of the research process which moves the student sequentially from a general topic, to formulation of a thesis, to the final draft of a comprehensive research project. The instructor will guide the student through planning, organizing, researching, and drafting a business related (accounting related) (leadership related) research report that sets forth a problem and offers a convincing solution. Students will make presentations on their readings and research throughout the semester culminating in a major formal presentation of their work.