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Freshman Transition Program (FT)

Course Descriptions 


101 Freshman Transition Program

Offered: Fall

1 credit hour

 A series of informational lecture/activity modules that assist the student in making a successful transition from the secondary school to the college environment. All first-time/full-time freshmen are required to attend.

105 Becoming a Master Student

Offered: Fall

3 credit hours

Using the text/workbook Becoming a Master Student, this course is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in college: How to Study, Time Management, Critical Thinking, Understanding Ways of Learning, Health, and others. Input and mentoring from successful upper level students is an integral part of the course. Credit for this course will count toward graduation as an elective only and may not be used toward any major or for a general education elective. Required for students whose entering ACT scores result in their having to take two or more developmental courses.