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Economics Courses (ECON)

Course Descriptions | Alice Lloyd College Business Department


209 Principles of Economics I

Prerequisite: Math 110 or higher

Offered: Fall

3 credit hours

Microeconomics. Basic economic principles and their application to business in modern economy. Demand, supply, pricing, resource allocation of various competitive conditions and income distribution.

210 Principles of Economics II

Prerequisite: Math 110 or higher.

Offered: Spring

3 credit hours

Macroeconomics. Economic principles as they apply to U.S. economy. National income, employment, financial institutions, monetary and fiscal policy, and theory of economic growth.

330 Regional Economic Development

Prerequisite: Econ 209 or 210.

Offered: As needed

3 credit hours

A study of economic development and trends in the Appalachian Mountains. A major emphasis will be placed on the role of coal and its impact upon the regional and national economy.