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Communications Courses


126 Public Speaking

Offered: Fall and Spring

3 Credit Hours

This course is designed to introduce students to the principles and practice of public speaking. Students will learn how to prepare and deliver both informative and persuasive speeches, with emphasis placed on experiential learning through student performance in the classroom.

201 Mass Media and Society

Offered: As Needed

3 credit hours

This course is designed to provide a historical-critical introduction to mass communication. Mass communication will be treated primarily as a twentieth century phenomenon, with special emphasis placed on the American experience. As a broad on-going theme, the course will focus on the relationship between mass media and society in an attempt to develop awareness and understanding of mass media’s impact on society and vice versa.

215 Interpersonal Communications

Offered: As needed

3 credit hours

This course focuses both on the theory and the practice of interpersonal communication. We will engage in a review of the research findings in interpersonal communication, a subject which crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries as it synthesizes findings in psychology, sociology, biology, and communication. We will examine interpersonal communication in general, and individual and dyadic communication practices in particular. We will examine the process and application of interpersonal communication from various perspectives in order to identify communication behaviors that are effective, appropriate and competent in a variety of personal and professional contexts. Throughout the course we will incorporate diverse cultural perspectives in order to better understand the impact of cultural influences on identity and communication.