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by Adele Williams, Student Contributor

Eagle Theatre’s Spring Director’s Showcase took place on April 4th at 7:30 PM in Alice Lloyd College’s Estelle Campbell Center for the Arts.

The production featured four plays, including one that was written by ALC’s very own Jesse Short titled Bullying: A Teenage Killer. Tonya Perry, another student at Alice Lloyd, adapted the short story “A Lamb to The Slaughter” by Roald Dahl into a play. The other plays were Singleton: Medal Winner and Heads. All plays were produced and directed by Alice Lloyd College students.

The plays presented one consistent message: choices. The actors worked together to bring different perspectives to the audience regarding making the right choices in life. Despite the showcase’s serious theme, the audience found many of the ten-minute plays to be quite humorous, and later, during the evening’s intermission, a cartoon was presented that displayed the twelve-week process of developing and perfecting the plays before they were finally brought to the stage. The slideshow provided a comical and informative look into the “behind-the-scenes world” of readying a drama for an audience.

There were a few mistakes in the technological aspects of the production, but this did not negatively affect the plays, which went off without a hitch. The actors and actresses all had loud, strong voices, the costume design was splendid, and due to the superb lighting and emotional effectiveness of the characters, the audience really felt that they were part of every scene. All in all, the College’s spring production was a delightful success.

Student directors were Jesse Short, Tonya Perry, Brittany Brock, and Michaela Woodall. The cast included Crilda Brown, Allesandra D’Amato, Jackson Driskill, Joshua Green, Rebecca Hall, Patrick Harris, Candy Hughes, Zach Nickles, Jennifer Lewis, Clayton Osborne, Bryce Sergent, April Spears, Megan Spraldin, and ALC professor, Dr. Rodger Cunningham.

Megan Burnett, Assistant Professor of Speech and Theatre, worked with the students to create an excellent display of their hard work, talent, and individual abilities.

We are looking forward to what ALC’s Eagle Theatre has in store for us next!