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by Adele Williams, Student Contributor

Students from Alice Lloyd College’s Omega Alpha Tau Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda recently traveled to compete in the 2013 Kentucky Phi Beta Lambda Spring Leadership Conference. The conference was held in March on the campus of Northern Kentucky University.

During the conference, students were tested on their knowledge in certain business subjects such as Statistical Analysis and Business Law. The tests were subsequently graded, and the students were placed according to how well they performed. ALC was well-represented, its students having obviously prepared themselves for their specified subject(s) — out of the twelve Alice Lloyd students who competed, eleven of them placed.

Allison Holbrook, a sophomore at Alice Lloyd, was elected State Reporter. In response to being asked about her achievement, she said, “I’m really excited. I’m so proud of my team for working so hard to reach these accomplishments, and I’m honored that they and others from around the area respect me enough to elect me to represent them as the State Reporter. I can’t wait for the upcoming year.”

Being State Reporter involves working to publish the Kentucky Phi Beta Lambda newsletter and reporting the organization’s activities. Holbrook‘s main goal is to bring more awareness to PBL’s various affairs and events and to help organize next year’s fall and spring conferences.

“I’m proud to serve Alice Lloyd College and the ALC Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda at the state level,” said Holbrook. “One day I can look back and recall being a part of this. ALC works to teach the Purpose Road Philosophy, but the College also helps you to exemplify that philosophy’s qualities and characteristics.”

Rebekah Bevins, president of Alice Lloyd’s PBL and a graduating senior, also noted how proud she was of her team, saying, “They couldn’t have worked harder. Whether it was fundraising or studying for the subject they were going to be tested in, they were determined to make it right and work hard to do it. I couldn’t be more proud of how determined they were and how everything turned out! This was a great way to end my senior year, and I can’t wait to travel to Nationals.”

The chapter also received awards for being the most outstanding local chapter and for having the best local annual business report. Alice Lloyd PBL-hosted activities, such as the March of Dimes fundraiser, helped them to win these prestigious awards.

Due to their successes at the state level, the following students are eligible to travel to and compete in the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA this summer:

Sam Riddle – 3rd place in Accounting for Professional and 3rd place in Statistical Analysis

Brent Mills – 3rd place in Accounting Principles

Allison Holbrook – 2nd place in Business Communications and 1st place in Micro Economics

James Mullins – 2nd place in Business Law and 3rd place in Management Concepts

Brittney Briggs – 2nd place in Community Service Project

Tianna Po – 2nd place in Community Service Project and 3rd place in Macro Economics

Jarrod Stamper – 1st place in Computer Applications

Candace Hughes – 1st place in Cyber Security

Austin Allen – 1st place in Information Management

Rebekah Bevins – 1st place in Marketing Concepts and 2nd place in Project Management

China Riddle – 1st place in Business Law and 2nd place in Micro Economics

Local Chapter Annual Business Report – 1st place

Outstanding Local Chapter – 1st place

Alice Lloyd College wishes its chapter of Phi Beta Lambda good luck as they work to prepare for the National Leadership Conference and continue to travel and compete!