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by Adele Williams, Student Contributor

Alice Lloyd College’s Caney Conovocation Series opened the 2013 spring semester with an event on January 21st in the Estelle Campbell Center for the Arts. Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance were led by Mr. Mack Asher, a student at ALC.

The program began with opening remarks from President Joe Alan Stepp. The president welcomed the students back for another semester and announced the possible addition of three new degrees and majors, which are pre-nursing, accounting, and liberal arts. (The College hopes to have these programs up and running by the spring of 2014.) He wished the students luck for this semester and expressed his faith in the students to be very successful, not only now, but throughout life.

Mr. Richard Bowers, the conductor of the Voices of Appalachia, led the college in the singing of the school’s alma mater. Then, ALC student, Mr. Tarnois Jones, introduced the speaker.

Keith Matheny

ALC’s guest was Keith Matheny, a mentalist and motivational speaker. Matheny took to the ALC stage within a program titled “Mind Over Magic,” which offered to provide the audience with a “unique brand of motivation that combines audience participation with fun demonstrations of the power and ability of the mind, good-natured humor, and motivational words.” Throughout his presentation, Matheny wowed the crowd with his ability to seemingly read minds, describing correctly every detail of a freshly-taken photo while blindfolded and asking the audience questions that he already had written down the answers to.  It was an entertaining and mesmerizing hour that showed the students the impossible can be made possible and that one can achieve goals that far exceed what is so often expected. “Mind Over Magic” was a motivating presentation that left many of the students feeling inspired and open-minded about the possibilities in life.