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Children all across the state of Kentucky had the opportunity to compete in the annual Governor’s Cup Competition on Saturday, January 19. These District competitions are the first stop on the road to reaching the State tournament, which will be held in Louisville. Students on the June Buchanan Middle Grade Academic Team have been anxiously awaiting this day, and it proved to be a very successful one for the entire team!

Students from June Buchanan placed in every category in the District competition, and all members of the Middle Grade Academic Team advanced to Regional competition. In addition to claiming 1st place overall and 1st in Future Problem Solving, the JBS Quick Recall team won 1st place for the third consecutive year!

Coach Natalie Gibson stated, “Our team members are extremely dedicated. This is a great way to begin our season, and we hope to make a return to the State competition this year. We continually strive to better ourselves, and it’s great when the students receive tangible proof that their hard work is paying off!” Coach Cindy Hall added, “It is a great honor to work with these students.  We are extremely proud of them!”

The JBS Middle Grade Academic Team would like to thank Dr. Brad Moore and Miss Channing Everidge for their continued help and support.


4th (tie): Kaitlyn Everidge

4th (tie): Hope Watts


4th: Kaitlyn Everidge

3rd: Dalton Hylton

2nd: Dora Stanley

Language Arts:

5th: Samantha Bryant

2nd: Ruby Yeary

Arts & Humanities:

3rd: Samantha Bryant

1st (tie): Connor Jacobs

1st (tie): Ruby Yeary


4th: Kassidy Everidge

2nd: Colton Jacobs

1st: Trey Moore

Social Studies:

3rd: Connor Jacobs

2nd: Colton Jacobs

1st: Trey Moore

Future Problem Solving

Future Problem Solving:

1st: Samantha Bryant, Kassidy Everidge, Madison Huff, and Cage Watts

Quick Recall:

1st: Dalton Hylton, Colton Jacobs, Connor Jacobs, Trey Moore, and Ruby Yeary