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by M.B. Miller

Some people are born with a special kind of spirit, a fire inside that drives them to be the best. Those people are rare in this world; but, at ALC, we have one of them. Allison Holbrook might be a freshman, but she has the poise of a seasoned athlete and the competitiveness of someone who knows she’s capable of great things. You wouldn’t know this about her right away — she’s a quiet-type, tall, and very nice and respectful.  But you can see it in her eyes: she wants to win. 

Allison Holbrook 5k Race

Allison Holbrook wins the Gingerbread 5k.

Hailing from small-town Hyden, KY, Allison has been an avid runner since she was twelve years old.  She attended Leslie County High School where she became a stand-out on the Track and Cross Country teams. She broke five school records and won ten individual Regional Championships. Allison made the All-State Track Team in her junior year, and, as if that wasn’t enough, she led her team to the Regional crown three times. Now, in her first year at ALC, she’s picked up right where she left off: the first one to cross the finish line. In the Knott County 5k (held during the Gingerbread Festival in Hindman), the season’s opening race, Allison ran the course in an impressive 22:17, beating all other challengers.

“Winning the Gingerbread 5k was an amazing way to start my first college season,” Allison said. “It was a definite confidence booster. It’s motivated me to keep working hard. And I was just so excited to win! My parents were there, so I knew they’d be proud.”

Allison was recruited by Gary Stepp, ALC’s Athletic Director and Cross Country Head Coach, whom Allison cites as a big reason she came to Alice Lloyd. “He said that academics is top priority, which was really important to me,” she said.  It appears that Allison‘s deep desire to succeed does indeed extend to the classroom where she plans to be a double major in Business Administration and *Accounting. She says that it’s important to put classwork first. At ALC, student-athletes must maintain a good academic standing, otherwise, they are not allowed to compete.

Allison Holbrook

Allison Holbrook with teammate Jerkia Van Dyke

What’s clear, as well, is that Allison is proud to be an Eagle, and she enjoys being part of a team. “I was so proud of my teammates,” she said. “I was especially proud of Greg (Randolph) for winning the men’s race. I’m just glad I got to share the experience with them!” 

As for the season ahead, Allison has big hopes. “It’ll be tough, but I’ll do whatever it takes to make it to Nationals,” she said. “I enjoy the pressure. College is a whole other level, so I have to give myself time to develop as an athlete. By the time I’m a junior and senior, I want to be winning conference meets and placing in the Top 5.  I want people in our conference to know who I am. I want to have that target on my back.”

It’s written all over her face. You can hear it in her words. This young woman will be a star.

Allison Holbrook is the daughter of Alecia Holbrook and Richie Hamrick. ALC congratulates her on being named our Female Athlete of the Week!

*Accounting will be available as a major in Fall 2013.