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On Saturday, November 5th, June Buchanan School students Taylor Herron (representing 6th grade), Ruby Yeary (representing 7th grade), Megan Hall (representing 8th grade), Jenna Hall (representing 9th grade), Ian M. Hall (representing 10th grade), and Tessa Amburgey (representing 12th grade) collected their science fair project materials and traveled to the East Kentucky Science Center in Prestonsburg, KY.  

When the regional awards were announced at the Big Sandy Community and Technical College, JBS students were ecstatic with their results. Taylor Herron placed 2nd for her project, “The Effect of Arrow Mass on Target Penetration,” and won a $300 savings bond for her achievement. Ruby Yeary placed 1st for her project, “The Effect of Skyscraper Shape on Structural Damage,” and also won a $300 savings bond in addition to $250 for JBS science supplies. Megan Hall placed 1st for her project, “The Effect of Various Disinfectants on Toothbrush Bacterial Growth,” winning a $300 savings bond and another $250 for JBS science supplies. Jenna Hall placed 1st for her project, “The Effect of Smell on Taste” and collected a $300 savings bond, along with $250 for JBS science supplies. Tessa Amburgey placed 3rd for her project, “The Effect of Weight on the Quadriceps,” winning a $100 savings bond. Students won a total of $750 for The June Buchanan School, which will be used for science supplies needed for labs throughout the year.

JBS instructor Simeon Brace stated, “I am very proud of our JBS students. Many of the students who went to regionals put in extra work after the school science fair. I look forward to seeing where these students go in the future.” JBS middle school instructor Karen Bailey said, “Each year, we push students a little harder to think outside the box in scientific design. We guide them to find topics that match their interests, fit their abilities, and present a new and unique perspective in research. Critical thinking is vital for students, and this experience brings them full circle in terms of skills that require short and long–term planning, as well as skills in public speaking. I’m so proud of them!”