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On November 15th Kentucky Down Under visited The June Buchanan School to share their knowledge about the history, culture, and animals of Australia with K-12 students. Kentucky Down Under staff traveled from Horse Cave, Kentucky to share the wonders of “Terra Australias” or “the land of Australia,” which in reality is nearly 9,500 miles away from Kentucky. JBS students were able to view and learn about several live species, including Merlin the Cockatoo, a sixteen-year-old python, a bearded dragon, and more. The students especially enjoyed the red baby kangaroo and the gray baby kangaroo. The kids pointed and were excited when the joeys popped their tiny heads out of the trainers’ simulated tummy pouches.

Kentucky Down Under presented cool facts about Australia, as well as information about the various animal species featured in the program via comical demonstrations. “Asia,” an Australian shepherd, joined the park’s staff as part of the educational act. Asia and the baby kangaroos shared a special bond, which was exhibited when she aided the staff in herding the joeys and guiding them to follow their trainer by hopping up and down the auditorium stairs. Students giggled in excitement at this rare opportunity to see live, native Australian animals.