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June Buchanan students Charity Cook, Jenna Stanley, LaNeisha Sexton, Jackie Henderson, Channing Everidge, Elizabeth Bentley, and Ian M. Hall along with and Athletic Director, Darcy Owens, and Girls Basketball Assistant Coach, Grace Henderson attended HYPE:2011 KHSAA Student Leadership Sportsmanship Conferences. The conference took place in Lexington, August 22nd in the Lexington Center. HYPE is specifically geared for high school athletes.

JBS students were given the opportunity to attend the leadership program, which included four breakout sessions and featured guest speaker Patrick George. In each session, students from small groups and participate in discussion and activities that center on respect, sportsmanship, and leadership. HYPE is sponsored by KHSAA, Forcht Group of Kentucky, Musco Lighting, and the National Guard. JBS Instructor, Darcy Owens states, “Sports are perhaps the most effective forum for young adults to learn leadership skills.  The KHSAA HYPE conference teaches the student athlete to look beyond the “me” factor of athletics and achieve excellence, not only for one’s self, but those around them.  All HYPE activities emphasize teamwork and encouraged individuals to step into leadership roles through communication and positive feedback.”