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On August 19th, 2011 The June Buchanan School’s 6th – 12th grade traveled to the Kentucky State Fair for their 10th annual trip.  At the fair, students are capable of participating in various exhibits, many of which are hands-on.  Some of these include Culinary, Cultural, and Art exhibits.

Mr. Willie Anderson, instructor at The June Buchanan School, has traveled with the school for seven of the ten trips. “The State Fair trip gives students a sense of independence and being able to see all of our culture, which gives us a better outlook on it all as a whole”, stated Mr. Anderson.

When asked about the importance of the State Fair opportunity, Mrs. Amanda L. Clark, Dean of The June Buchanan School, excitingly answered “The importance of this is for the students to see first -hand what our state is made of. There are multiple exhibits to visit while you are there. Each gives a different feel and sense of appreciation for our state.  It is also an opportunity for new students to bond with classmates, as well as meet upper-classmen.”

As new students arrive for the Fall semester, they are often brought closer together with this trip, as it is the first of the school year.  It is more than a trip for the school, it is a tradition.  There isn’t a better way to get the school off to such an excellent start!