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The 2011-12 academic year is in full swing at Alice Lloyd College.  Faculty and staff participated in a full week of professional development activities, including a seminar on Senate Bill 1 which was co-sponsored by the Association for Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU).  AIKCU President Gary Cox introduced the topic and the desire that all Kentucky colleges become well-versed in the standards established by Senate Bill 1 to ensure the continuity from Kindergarten through college graduation for our Kentucky students.  Jeff Hawkins, the Executive Director at the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative, gave a brief overview of the goals of the Senate Bill 1 program.  Faculty members discussed what they already knew about Senate Bill 1 and then composed a list of questions they wanted the speakers to answer.  All questions were then answered by Carole Mullins, KDE/KVEC Content Leadership Network Facilitator for English and Language Arts.  The faculty found this to be an enlightening professional development.

Faculty, staff, and returning students were joined by 182 freshmen as the new academic year began on August 25, 2011.  All of the incoming freshmen this year were personally interviewed by the ALC Admissions Office before being accepted; these 182 students were selected from a pool of over 2,600 applicants.  These students were kept extremely busy the first week of classes, from moving in to the dorms to participating in Bridge Program seminars.  The ALC Bridge Program is designed to help incoming students make the transition from high school to college.  Students participate in seminars on topics such as time management, dealing with roommates, and developing a four-year plan.

ALC Vice President for Academic Affairs, Lafie Crum, is excited about this academic year.  Crum stated, “I look forward to working with such an outstanding group of faculty, staff, and students this year.  We have brought in 182 hand-selected students, and I am confident that they will accomplish great things during their time here at Alice Lloyd College.”