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Student Government Association

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Student Government Association

The SGA is an election based on-campus organization dedicated to improving student life and giving students the ability to have their opinions and views effectively voiced to the faculty/staff via elected class representatives. The SGA is also responsible for reviewing various curriculums, student activities, and the College’s rules, policies, and regulations. Through this, the SGA is able to render various different services through the class representatives to aid not just the student body but the overall Administration as well. These different services such as planning SGA events, assessments to the quality of campus facilities and student life, numerous fundraising events, and organizing community service opportunities are all done in the hopes of improving the student and faculty life on campus and for the betterment of ALC in general. It is the SGA’s overall mission to uphold the high standards of Alice Lloyd College while also aiding in giving the Student Body a voice on campus.

For more information, contact:

Christine Stumbo, Dean of Women/Student Success Coordinator
Phone: (606) 368-6125

2016-17 SGA Officers

President: Tyler Wilson / Major: Math Education 8-12

Executive Vice President

Vice President of Student Life: Caraline McDowell / Major: Biology

Vice President of AdministrationMadison Haymaker / Major:

Vice President of Campus Involvement: 

Class Representatives


Savannah Spurlock – Major: Biology

TaLaura Mathis – Major: Biology


Hailey Champion – Major:

Noah Blair – Major: Biology

Meghan Herald – Major: Sociology

Dakota Burnett – Major: Pre-Physics

Kaitlyn Calhoun – Major: Biology 


Madison Mooney – Major: Sociology

Jee-Suk Choe – Major: Biology

Alex Meade – Major: Biology

Justin Maggard – Major: Sports and Fitness


Chester Cody – Major: Biology

Jordan Seals – Major: Sports and Fitness

Tori Nairn – Major: Business Administration

Caleb Lowe – Major: Biology (Pre-Pharmacy)

Samuel Kilburn – Major: Biology