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Student Life
Welcome to the Student Life section of Alice Lloyd College’s website. These pages will give you a comprehensive view of the College’s policies, programs, and support systems outside of the classroom. You can check out details about the student conduct code, the various intercollegiate and intracollegiate activities available, student publications, info about life on campus, programs for first-time freshmen, campus safety, existing clubs and organizations, information about social events, and more.

As a liberal arts institution, Alice Lloyd College is concerned with the education of the total person. The quality of student life plays an integral role in the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth of each individual student. From the initial contact by the College’s Admissions Office through graduation, we seek to provide an orderly series of activities and services that assists the student’s passage through the academic process. The various services and programs provided through the Student Services Office supports the educational process by fostering maturity, emphasizing responsibility, and developing self-confidence and self-worth.

The Student Services administrative offices are located on the 2nd floor of the Davis Student Center.

Character-Based Education

From its inception, Alice Lloyd College has placed the highest value on educating the whole person. The name of the community, Pippa Passes, originated from an epic poem by Robert Browning called Pippa Passes. Pippa was a poor mill child who passed through the surrounding villages singing the lyrics that ultimately changed the troubled lives she encountered. This great work became a symbol for one of the purposes of this institution: “the influence of unconscious good upon the world.”

It was the genius of Alice Lloyd and co-founder June Buchanan to see that the spirit of learning prevailed both in and out of the classroom, forming the basis of character education. “The Christian Forum,” which required students to discuss ethical and moral issues, life’s purposes and goals, and Christian standards of conduct were all significant in the total education experience. Leadership and service – defined as maturity, responsibility, and a positive attitude, all derived from a Christian ethic in a non-sectarian environment – were part of character building.

Today, this tradition remains as a central focus of Alice Lloyd College and is reflected in the leadership of its staff, student activities, Student Work Program, the Caney Convocation Series, a special leadership course required of freshman students, and high standards of conduct, dress and attitude.

Students and parents alike are reminded of the College’s philosophy during orientation sessions. It is hoped that students who have been exposed to the Alice Lloyd College experience will not only be intellectually equipped to continue their pursuit of learning, but also prepared as responsible citizens for a life of service.

Campus & Community Life

The Alice Lloyd College campus is a community which can contribute to the growth of all individuals, encouraging high standards of conduct and attitude.

Students have the right to speak freely, to exchange thoughts and opinions, to engage in discussion and to make inquiries, subject only to the right of the College to make reasonable rules and regulations related thereto.

The College has a supervisory role in that all individuals in the community are expected to respect institutional standards and respect the rights of others.

To promote this atmosphere, Alice Lloyd College, as a private institution, reserves the right to establish certain policies, rules and regulations, many of which are published in The Student Handbook. Students are expected to be familiar with them and the spirit of the institution. Failure to observe the policies and regulations may result in disciplinary action including fines, incident reports, social probation, suspension, or expulsion from the College.

Important Download: The Student Handbook

An integral part of a complete college experience is the development of a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. In order to enhance this development, every attempt is made to provide students with independence and the opportunity to make decisions on their own. Student life at Alice Lloyd College requires maturity of values and willing compliance with the requirements of community living. Toward these ends, the Student Services staff (supported by the president) is generally responsible for the maintenance of the student community in harmony with the purpose of the College.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves both on and off campus as responsible members of a community and to demonstrate courtesy and respect for others. Abusive behavior, offensive language, theft, sexual conduct inconsistent with the high standards of the College, or placing a fellow member of the community in jeopardy in any way will not be tolerated.

Consistent with the tradition and philosophy of Alice Lloyd College are high standards of conduct and attitude. The attitudes of members of this community are reflected in the manner of speaking, in consideration of others’ property, in appropriate dress for the occasion at hand, in the quality of relationships and in excellence of work performed.

Students may be informed of regulations not printed in The Student Handbook which also apply.

Appropriate Dress

All other standards of student conduct can be found in The Student Handbook.

Where to Go For:

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Scott Cornett

Scott Cornett

Scott Cornett,
Dean of Students and
Community Life
Phone: (606) 368-6120

Christine Stumbo

Christine Stumbo

Christine Stumbo,
Dean of Women
Student Success Coordinator
Phone: (606) 368-6125

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In the opening convocation of the 2013 spring semester, ALC welcomes mentalist and motivational speaker, Keith Matheny. This convocation is required of all students.
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