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Alice Lloyd College is the only college in America that actively recruits students exclusively from the Appalachian region. From its inception, our institution has pledged to guarantee the cost of tuition for qualified mountain students originating from our service area. Due to this unique and ambitious mission, we continue to depend upon the loyalty and generosity of the College’s “friends” — alumni, foundations & corporations, longtime donors, philanthropists, current students and their families, churches, organizations, and countless others — to help us make our dreams and goals a reality. All around our campus, from brick plazas and plaques to the names of buildings, we recognize and remember the people who have contributed to the ongoing miracle that began here so long ago.

Donor Spotlight

Click here to read “The Blessing from Ohio: A Story of Giving” by Margo Sparkman, Alice Lloyd’s Director of Development. This is a heartwarming story about the Althoff sisters and their great gift to Alice Lloyd College.