Alice Lloyd College

Athletic Facilities

The ALC campus is home to numerous sports facilities. Students are free to use the various athletics facilities during predetermined hours of operation.

Grady Nutt Athletic Center

Dedicated in October 1983, this complex includes a 1,500 seat gymnasium, an auxiliary gym, a regulation collegiate swimming pool, athletic offices, dressing rooms, athletic laundry facilities, and physical education classrooms.

Grady Nutt Athletic Center

Grady Nutt Athletic Center


Main Gym

Main Gym


Reeve Athletic Field

Reeve Athletic Field

Reeve Athletic Field

This modern intercollegiate baseball park serves as the site of the home games for the Alice Lloyd College Eagles baseball team.

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

The College has two championship tennis courts available for intercollegiate, intramural, and individual play.

Weight Room

Weight Room

Weight Room

Completely renovated in 2008, the College supports a state-of-the-art Fitness Center complete with free weights, Nautilus fitness equipment, cardio machines, and an aerobic area. This facility, which is located in the Jerry C. Davis Student Center, is open free of charge to current students with proper identification. During the semester, fitness classes for college credit are offered as electives for students. 

ALC Racquetball Court

ALC Racquetball Court

Racquetball Courts

Also located in the Jerry C. Davis Student Center, the campus’s two racquetball courts are available for individual play.

Softball Field

Softball Field

Softball Field

The softball field is the newest addition to the ALC athletic facilities. This field, located near the Reeve Athletic Field, serves as the site of the home games for the Alice Lloyd Lady Eagles softball team.

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  • Men's Basketball @ IU East - KIAC Tournament

    February 25
    L (67-100)

  • Women's Basketball @ Midway

    February 23
    L (71-88)

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Women's Basketball @ IU East

Men's Basketball @ Indiana University East

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Women's Basketball vs Cincinnati Christian

Men's Basketball vs Cincinnati Christian University

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Women's Basketball @ Berea

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Women's Basketball vs Asbury

Men's Basketball vs Asbury University

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Men's Basketball @ Cincinnati Christian University

Women's Basketball @ Cincinnati Christian

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Men's Basketball vs Brescia University

Women's Basketball vs Brescia University

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Men's Basketball @ Berea College

Women's Basketball @ Midway

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Women's Basketball vs Berea

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Women's Basketball @ Asbury

Men's Basketball @ Asbury University

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