Alice Lloyd College

Alumna and Alumnus of the Year

Every year, Alice Lloyd College recognizes two alumni, one female and one male, as the school’s Alumna and Alumnus of the Year. The Alumni Association Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for candidates who will be considered for these awards. There are many alumni who are deserving of this recognition; however, they must first be nominated in order to be considered.

Nomination forms are due by January 31, 2014!


If there is an alum whom you feel should be considered for one of these awards, simply complete the nomination form by clicking the link provided above. If you’d prefer not to fill out the form online, please print the downloadable PDF version of the Alumna and Alumnus of the Year Award nomination form and mail it to:

ALC Office of Alumni Relations
100 Purpose Road
Pippa Passes, KY 41844

The following criteria will be used in the selection process and may be helpful as you make your nomination.

Alumni nominated for the Alumna and Alumnus of the Year Awards should:

  • have completed a minimum of one semester at Alice Lloyd College or Caney Junior College;
  • live an exemplary personal and professional life;
  • exemplify ALC’s philosophy of leadership and service to others;
  • be involved with and supportive of ALC and its mission.


2013 Award Recipients
2012 Award Recipients

2011 Award Recipients


Year Names of Recipients
1997 Anna Everidge Collins (Class of 1950)
Hollie Conley (Class of 1940)
1998 Ruby E. Akers (Class of 1938)
Gene T. Watts (Class of 1949)
1999 Dollie C. Terrill Martin (Class of 1958)
Adrian L. Hall (Class of 1941)
2000 Charlotte Slone Madden (Class of 1945)
Claude P. Frady (Class of 1940)
2001 Curtis Owens (Class of 1925)
Mary Ordell Ray Johnson (Class of 1951)
2002 Priscilla Hall Fraley (Class of 1990)
Rufus Fugate (Class of 1953)
2003 Sarah Music Laven (Class of 1940)
Richard Kent Slone (Class of 1976)
2004 Joyce Fields Whitaker (Class of 1951)
Mike Sloane (Class of 1954)
2005 Pauline Collins Triplett (Class of 1955)
Oliver W. Caudill (Class of 1944)
2006 Sandra Newsome Frost (Class of 1977)
Jerry Wayne Slone (Class of 1978)
2007 Thelmarie Madden Thornsberry (Class of 1958)
Townsell G. Marshall (Class of 1941)
2008 Alicia Cox Dawson (Class of 1990)
Homer Draughn (Class of 1949)
2009 Bethel Cox Ritchie (Class of 1941)
Charlie Whitaker (Class of 1951)
2010 Girdell Slone Watts (Class of 1953)
Lowell D. Martin (Class of 1953)
2011 Christine Stumbo (Class of 1965)
Lawrence E. Baldridge (Class of 1955)
2012 Lora Dean Gayheart Bradley (Class of 1955)
William R. Hughes (Class of 1950)
2013 Bessie Conley Draughn (Class of 1948)
Ray Slone (Class of 1953)

For more information, contact the Office of Alumni Relations:

Teresa Grender, Director of Alumni Relations
(606) 368-6044

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