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Vannah Breeding


Hey, I’m Vannah, a sophomore biology (pre-med) major with ambitions of attending medical school after graduation.

Being from Whitesburg, KY, which isn’t too far from campus, I know what it’s like to live in a tight-knit community like Pippa Passes. I work in the Admissions Office so that I can meet and encourage upcoming college students to come to Alice Lloyd College. My first year at Alice Lloyd was absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend that you come and visit our college for yourself and see how truly amazing it is!

- Vannah Breeding, Sophomore

Q & A with Vannah

  1. Why did you choose to attend Alice Lloyd College?
    I knew that I could stay close to home and receive a wonderful education. I have always had an interest in ALC and its location. I loved the fact that the College has small class sizes, and the many opportunities the school offers made my decision quite easy.
  2. Did you tour other colleges and universities? Describe your tour at Alice Lloyd. What made Alice Lloyd College stand out?
    I toured a couple of other colleges, but nothing stood out like ALC. On my tour of Alice Lloyd, the Admissions staff and students made me feel right at home. They showed me what a tight-knit community Pippa Passes is, and right then and there, I knew that I had to go to Alice Lloyd.
  3. What’s your major?
    I’m majoring in biology, working towards a pre-med degree.
  4. Are you planning on participating in any extracurricular activities?
    I’m a member of the Allied Health Club.
  5. What was the one thing you had to bring with you to college?
    I had to bring my iPad! It’s such a handy thing, because you can use it to take notes or just surf the Web.
  6. What do you hope to get out of your college experience?
    Overall, I want to get a good college education that will have prepared me for medical school. I also want to have an awesome time making lifelong friends!
  7. After you graduate from ALC, what are your future goals?
    My ultimate goal is to be a Family Practice Physician.
  8. What are you most excited about as you begin the next chapter of your life at ALC?
    Meeting new people and having a great time while furthering my education.


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