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Megan Smith


Hello, I’m Megan, a sophomore biology major at ALC! I’m from Bristol, VA, and I’m a graduate of John S. Battle High School. I am so excited to be attending Alice Lloyd College! The campus, clubs & activities, and class size cannot be beat!

From the time I first made contact with ALC, the faculty, staff, and students have made me feel so at home. Life on Caney Creek is just what I expected it to be, and I couldn’t ask for anything better! I am honored to have been given the opportunity to not only attend Alice Lloyd, but to work in the Admissions Office and help others to see and feel what I do in this wonderful school!

- Megan Smith, Sophomore

Q & A with Megan

  1. Why did you choose to attend Alice Lloyd College?
    It just felt right. I knew that ALC was where I belonged from the first time I spoke with an Admissions representative in 2011. When I visited campus, I was inspired by the beautiful scenery and the wonderful people. These things combined with ALC’s excellent academic reputation made Alice Lloyd a perfect fit for me.
  2. Did you tour other colleges and universities? Describe your tour at Alice Lloyd. What made Alice Lloyd College stand out?
    I toured several colleges, but none matched what I was looking for in my college experience. My tour at Alice Lloyd was perfect. My tour guides were down-to-earth, friendly, and very informative. They made Alice Lloyd feel like home and made sure that my questions, as well as those of my family, were answered thoroughly. What struck me most was that people knew me by name, which is unheard of on most college campuses.
  3. What’s your major?
  4. What was the one thing you had to bring with you to college?
    My cell phone. My mother would not be able to function if she couldn’t keep in touch!
  5. What do you hope to get out of your college experience?
    Academically, I want to obtain a quality education that will provide a basis for graduate school and beyond. Personally, I want to grow into the person I know I can be. I want to develop more independence and a greater sense of life beyond high school and my hometown.
  6. After you graduate from ALC, what are your goals?
    I plan to attend pharmacy school.
  7. What are you most excited about as you begin the next chapter of your life at ALC?
    Building new friendships and gaining greater independence.

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