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Social Sciences

Division Head: Mrs. Denise Jacobs
Locations: June Buchanan Alumni Center, Commodore Slone Building
Fall 2017 Schedule of Classes (pdf)
Course Descriptions

IMG_1838Alice Lloyd College’s Social Science Division offers outstanding opportunities for students concerned with the social life of human groups and individuals through course study in economics, political science, psychology, sociology, history and business communications and administration. Degrees are available in Business Administration, Social Science (non-teaching), Sociology (non-teaching), Social Studies (teaching and non-teaching), and History (teaching and non-teaching).


Majors / Minors Offered

Business Administration
Social Science
Social Studies Education Grades 8-12
Sports and Fitness Programs Management
History Minor
Social Science Minor
Sociology Minor

Extracurricular Activities

The Law Society
Internship Positions
Attend Legislative Day in Frankfort, KY

What Can I Do with a Degree in Social Science?

Social scientists study humans, human culture, and the relationship between humans and their environment. In other words, the total human experience is the field of study for the social scientist. Some areas outside of Academics where social scientists might find employment are:

  • Community Planning
  • International Relations
  • Manpower Research and Analysis
  • Civil Rights Analysis
  • Public Health Program Specialist
  • Industrial Specialist
  • Criminology/Penology
  • Social Ecology
  • Urban Sociology
  • Social Pathologist
  • Social Work
  • Foreign Agricultural Affairs
  • Manpower Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Consumer Safety
  • Community Development
  • Industrial Sociology
  • Social Problems Specialist
  • Demography, and
  • Social Welfare Research.

The student who wishes to pursue a graduate degree in Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Political Science, or any of the subfields in these disciplines would be prepared with a degree in Social Science.

Companies That Have Employed Social Scientists

AT&T American Bar Association American Express Financial News Network General Motors Research Laboratories Illinois Criminal Justice Authority Internal Revenue Service The Public Health Foundation US Dept. of Health and Human Services NASA NBC Army Research Institute American Medical Association Boys Town Center General Electric General Foods Rockefeller Foundation The Gallup Organization US Bureau of Census US Department of Energy National Institutes of Health CBS

“No field of study is more important to human beings than the social sciences. To understand society is to learn not only the conditions that limit ourselves, but also the opportunities open to us for improving the human condition. Increasing our knowledge of human society is as important as learning more about mathematics, physics, chemistry or engineering, for unless we can develop societies in which human beings can live happy, meaningful, and satisfying lives, we cannot reap the benefits from learning how to make better automobiles and skyscrapers, traveling in space, or constructing faster computers.” – Hunt and Colander, Social Science: An Introduction to the Study of Society

Meet Our Faculty

Dr. Rhonda Smith-Daugherty

Dr. Rhonda L. Smith-Daugherty, Associate Professor of History and Departmental Chairperson, earned her Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky in 1999 and has taught history since 1993. She joined the faculty of Alice Lloyd College in 2004.

Dr. Smith-Daugherty’s specialty is 20th Century American history. Her research interests include the American Civil War, World War II, and the 1960s. She has published several book reviews and encyclopedia articles. Currently, Dr. Smith-Daugherty is researching the Iran-Contra Scandal for an upcoming collaborative work on counterinsurgency in American history. She is also writing a book on President John Kennedy and South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem.

Additionally, Dr. Smith-Daugherty is a certified Teacher Educator and a member of ALC’s Teacher Education Program Committee. She serves as the American History Content Specialist, Social Studies Education advisor, and Pre-Law advisor. Dr. Smith-Daugherty is also the advisor for the Jack Cooke Kent Scholarship Program, the James Madison Scholarship Program, and the Impact Club. She serves as Assistant Sponsor for the Alpha Chi Honor Society.

Mrs. Michelle McLeese

Michelle McLeese, the Assistant Professor of Sociology, received her Bachelor of Science in Sociology (2004), her Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2004) and her Master of Science in Sociology (2005) all at Virginia Tech. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD at Virginia Tech and is ABD (all but dissertation). She hopes to be finished later this year or early next.

Professor McLeese is married to Dr. Charles Walter, and they have two small children: Isabelle and Joseph.

She has many hobbies but just to name a few: she loves to sing and has been singing since she was about 5. Prior to arriving at ALC, she sang the National Anthem at some major athletic events at VT. Now that she is at ALC she has become an active member of the Voices of Appalachia.

Professor McLeese also loves to be active and work out! She taught group fitness classes at VT for 9 years ranging from deep water aerobics to Pilates to step aerobics and even weight lifting! In addition to her Sociology classes, she teaches PE/Fitness classes at ALC which was started at ALC 1.5 years ago.

Michelle McLeese is very excited to be a full-time faculty member in the Sociology department. Although she enjoyed her time as an adjunct, she is super excited to be working with students on a much more regular basis and more deeply with the Sociology curriculum.

Dr. Charles Walter

Dr. Stephen Wilson

Dr. Stephen Wilson serves as a full professor of History at Alice Lloyd College.  Born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, both sides of his family originated in Appalachia.  A first-generation college graduate, he received all of his degrees from the University of Kentucky (B.A., M.A., and Ph.D.). 

Professor Wilson has served as a full-time or part-time professor of history at numerous colleges and universities among Kentucky including a previous tenure at Alice Lloyd College (1987-1997).  He has written or contributed to three different books, has published numerous articles in his field, and once served as an editor of an academic journal.