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Minor in Social Science

Alice Lloyd College Social Science Division

Curriculum Guide Sheet (pdf)

Course Descriptions

This minor is open to all students regardless of their designated major. A minimum of a “C” grade in each course is required. Students should be sure that they meet the prerequisites for each course prior to signing up for the course. Courses carrying designations for multiple disciplines cannot be counted for more than one major or minor. This minor is contingent upon availability of faculty.

Minor Requirements

Social Science / 21 hours

Choose 9 hours (three courses) from SSCI 101, SSCI 110, ECON 209, ECON 210, POLS 111, POLS 112, PSY 101, SOC 101, and SOC 102.

Choose 3 hours from POLS 301 and POLS 460-469.

Required: ECON 330

Choose 3 hours from PSY 320 and PSY 330.

Choose 3 hours from SSCI 301, SSCI 310, and SSCI 410-469.


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February 2015

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Men's Basketball @ Indiana University East

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Convocation: Blood Drive - Community Service

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Global Awareness Week

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Global Awareness Week


Global Awareness Week

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Global Awareness Week


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