Alice Lloyd College

Sociology Courses

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology

Offered: Fall and Spring

A study of basic concepts, including culture, subcultures, society, countercultures, social roles, stratification, socialization process, social institutions and social changes. Also an analysis of group behavior, deviancy, and social control.

3 credit hours

SOC 102: Contemporary Social Problems

Offered: Fall

The major social problems confronting society today are examined and studied. Some of these are urbanization, poverty, population, mental illness, race and ethnicity, family unit, crime and delinquency.

3 credit hours

SOC 203: Sociology of the Family

Prerequisites: SOC 101

Offered: Fall

A study of mate selection, marriage and its alternatives, the phenomenon of love, current attitudes toward sexual behavior prior to and after marriage, parenthood, financial adjustments, divorce, widowhood, and remarriage. Also, the family in cross-culture and historical perspective as a social institution and the impact of economic/social conditions on family values, functions, and roles.

3 credit hours

SOC 211: Racial and Cultural Minorities

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SSCI 101; SOC 102

Offered: Fall

Analysis of the relationships between racial/ethnic groups and behavior. Sources and results of inter-group tension, prejudice and discrimination are examined.

3 credit hours

SOC 301: Survey of the Human Development Theory

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SSCI 101; SOC 203

Offered: As needed

The course provides an interdisciplinary overview of the major theories and stages of human growth and development from prenatal through geriatric stages. The major factors that influence human development will be examined, such as family, community, education, socioeconomic status, culture and ethnicity. Other topics include: cognitive, physical, psychological and spiritual milestones in development; as well as theories about human intelligence and its assessment.

3 credit hours

SOC 302: Environmental Sociology

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SSCI 101; SOC 102; SSCI 110; junior or senior status

Offered: As needed

This course is a comprehensive exploration of the relationship between human society, biological ecosystems, and the physical environment. It will focus on social and environmental change, state policy and regulation, environmental constraints on communities, natural resources, population growth, community mobilization and social movements, and inequalities in environmental risk, degradation, and justice.

3 credit hours

SOC 303: Population and Society

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SSCI 101; SOC 102; SSCI 110; junior or senior status

Offered: As needed

This course provides an analysis of population structure and dynamics as influenced by cultural, political, economic, and environmental factors. This course focuses attention on the social determinants of population problems, while exploring their consequences and policy implications for individuals, their societies, and the world.

3 credit hours

SOC 312: Sociology and Religion

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SSCI 101; SOC 211, SSCI 110, SSCI 310; junior or senior status

Offered: Spring

A sociological examination of comparative religions; the role of religion in social cohesion and conflict, continuity and change.

3 credit hours

SOC 340: Sociology of Community

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SSCI 101; SOC 102, SSCI 110; junior or senior status

Offered: As needed

This course provides an overview and analysis of community development, community leadership models and perspectives, and the importance of community diversity and connections. A study of the people of Appalachian communities, including the typical family unit, education, government, religion and employment will be included with discussion of how this subculture relates to the dominant culture of the US in terms of the general course content.

3 credit hours

SOC 370: Introduction to Social Research

Prerequisites: SOC 101; SOC 460 or 461; junior or senior status or permission of instructor

Offered: Fall

The course will introduce core concepts of social research. The requirements for both qualitative and quantitative research, as well as mixed methodologies, will be taught. Students will also be introduced to elementary statistical analysis.

 3 credit hours

SOC 371: Statistical Analysis for Social Research

Prerequisites: SOC 101; SOC 370; junior or senior status or permission of the instructor

Offered: Spring

Using SPSS as the analytical software, students will learn to use descriptive statistics such as frequencies and probability, variance and standard deviations, as well as inferential statistics common to the social sciences.

3 credit hours

SOC 460: Contemporary Social Theory

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SSCI 101; SSCI 110; junior or senior status

Offered: Spring

This course is designed to examine how social theory leads to the development of sociological knowledge. We will investigate how contemporary theorists (since the mid-20th century) conceptualize and analyze social issues and change, especially as they relate to major theoretical paradigms, including the structural functionalist, critical, symbolic interactionist, phenomenological/ethnomethodological, and postmodern perspectives of the discipline.

3 credit hours

SOC 461: Classical Social Theory

Prerequisites: Junior or senior status; English, Sociology, or Social Science major

Offered: Fall

An intensive study of the lives and works of selected classical sociologists. Readings include a historical analysis of late 19th and early 20th century social theory and primary text selections from the work of major theorists of the period. The course will be held seminar style with student presentations and discussions of primary resources.

3 credit hours

SOC 460-469: Special Topics in Sociology

Prerequisites: Junior status or permission of instructor

Offered: As needed

Selected topics in Sociology.

3 credit hours

SOC 489 (also SSCI 489): Senior Seminar

Prerequisites: SOC 370, 371, SOC 461, junior or senior status

Offered: Spring

This course deals with social science methodology, theory, research and writing. This capstone course for the Social Science major requires a lengthy research paper and an oral presentation based on the paper.

3 credit hours






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