Alice Lloyd College

Political Science Courses

POLS 111: Introduction to Political Science

Offered: Fall

Students will explore the origin and impact of contemporary and past political ideologies on today’s political environment. A study of political theory and politics and investigation of theory and practice of government.

3 credit hours

POLS 112: Introduction to American Government

Offered: Spring

The study of constitutional development, party systems, public opinion and political participation, interest groups, and structure/functions of the three branches of the United States government.

3 credit hours

POLS 212: State and Local Government

Prerequisites: POLS 112

Offered: Fall

A study of the nature, organization, powers, and functions of American state and local governments.

3 credit hours

POLS 301: International Relations

Prerequisites: POLS 111 or 112

Offered: Spring, odd years

A survey of the formal relations among sovereign states in the international community. Emphasis will be placed on the role of diplomacy, the factors of power, the procedures for the settlement of disputes, the various modes of conflict resolution, and economic and cultural exchanges.

3 credit hours

POLS 311: History and Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa

Prerequisites: HIST 101, 102; POLS 111; or permission of instructor; junior status

Offered: As needed

A history of the development of the social institutions, value systems, and political organizations of Sub-Saharan Africa. The course will include discussion of Africa’s ancient kingdoms, the impact of the Atlantic slave trade, and the development of colonial empires on the African continent.

3 credit hours

POLS 460-469: Special Topics in Political Science

Prerequisites: Junior status

Offered: As needed

This series of three-hour courses explores various topics of importance in the field of political science. Potential topics include American Civil Liberties and Civil Rights, American Constitutional Law, Environmental Policy, US Public Policy, American Foreign Policy, Latin American Politics, American Urban Government, the US Presidency, State and Local Government in the US, and other topics as desired.

3 credit hours


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