Alice Lloyd College

Chemistry Courses

CHEM 101: Introduction to the Science of Chemistry

Prerequisite: Enrollment in CHEM 101 is determined by a placement test administered only in August.

Offered: Fall and Spring

Intended for students who have not had high school chemistry or have a weak chemistry background but desire to pursue a program that requires chemistry. May also be used to fulfill the physical science general education requirement. Introduction to the philosophy of science measurements, chemical shorthand, dimensional analysis, stoichiometry, the chemical equation and some foundation theories of science. The laboratory is intended to develop observational and interpretive skills. Three hours lecture and two hours lab.

4 credit hours

CHEM 115: General Chemistry I

Prerequisite: Satisfactory performance on the chemistry placement test (administered only in August) or successful completion of CHEM 101 with a grade of “C” or better

Offered: Fall

Intended for students who need chemistry as part of their preparation for a profession (chemist, medical laboratory scientist, physician, dentist, pharmacist, engineer, biologist, science teacher, etc.). Content chosen from basic areas of chemistry, including quantitative chemical equilibrium, to provide the foundation on which to build further study. The laboratory includes quantitative and qualitative analytical experiences. Three hours lecture and three hours lab.

5 credit hours

CHEM 116: General Chemistry II

Prerequisite: Grade of “C” or better in CHEM 115

Offered: Spring

A continuation of CHEM 115. Three hours lecture and three hours lab.

5 credit hours

CHEM 225: Organic Chemistry I

Prerequisite: CHEM 116

Offered: Fall

A study of the chemistry of aliphatic and aromatic compounds, including reactions, reaction mechanisms, structure, synthesis, and properties. The laboratory includes discussion and experience with basic techniques of separation, identification and syntheses of representative compounds. Three hours lecture and three hours lab.

5 credit hours

CHEM 226: Organic Chemistry II

Prerequisite: Grade of “C” or better in CHEM 225

Offered: Spring

A continuation of CHEM 225. Three hours lecture and three hours lab.

5 credit hours

CHEM 330 (also BIOL 330): Biochemistry

Prerequisite: BIOL 111, BIOL 205, BIOL 206, and CHEM 226 or permission of instructor

Offered: Fall

The chemistry of amino acids, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids is examined. Also included is a survey of cellular metabolic pathways and methods of energy production. Emphasis is placed on those pathways common to all life. Three lecture hours and a recitation per week.

4 credit hours

CHEM 340: Quantitative Analytical Chemistry

Prerequisite: CHEM 225

Offered: Spring, as needed

An introduction to the principles and methods of chemical analysis, including method development, elementary statistics, separation methods, gravimetric and volumetric analysis and instrumental methods. The lab emphasizes the analysis of samples using analytical techniques. Computer simulation and analysis is used in all feasible cases. Three hours lecture and three hours lab.

4 credit hours

CHEM 460-469: Special Topics in Chemistry

Prerequisite: Junior standing and permission of instructor

Offered: As needed

Elective courses may be offered as special topics in chemistry on an occasional basis depending on the availability and interests of students and faculty.

3 credit hours





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