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Attendance at a determined number of convocation programs each semester is a requirement for all Alice Lloyd College full-time students. Convocation events are usually scheduled on Tuesdays, with a few occurring on Thursdays, either at 1 PM or in the evening. A schedule of the events will be made available to all students, and it is important that students familiarize themselves with the convocation dress code, which can be found in the Student Handbook and on this website. Most convocation events last one hour, but some, generally those that occur in the evening, can run longer. Students attending a convocation event are expected to remain for the entire duration of the program in order to receive proper credit. Convocations are held in the auditorium of the Estelle Campbell Center for the Arts (also called the Campbell Arts Center or CAC) unless otherwise indicated. If a convocation is cancelled or rescheduled, students will receive prompt notification.

The program for the Caney Convocation Series is established and administered by the Director of Convocations. Attendance for convocation programs is recorded by the Director of Convocations whose office is located on the 2nd floor of the Jerry C. Davis Student Center. Any question concerning attendance at these events may be directed to that office. Students will be able to track their attendance record at convocation events on charts posted in the Campus Post Office.1/2 institutional credit hour is awarded for successful completion of convocation requirements each semester.

The Caney Convocation Series is an integral part of the College’s academic program and offers students an opportunity to enrich their classroom experience through lectures, art exhibits, religious seminars, and fine arts performances. Throughout each semester special convocations will be required of all students, such as opening convocations (i.e., the first convocation of each semester), Honor’s Day, Student Work Awards Day, and other events featuring special guest speakers. The purpose of the opening convocation is to bring the entire academic community together to reaffirm the objectives of Alice Lloyd College. Students will be notified in advance of required convocations/special events. Failure to attend any required convocation will result in two additional required events for the following semester.

Senior Education majors are exempt from convocation attendance during the semester in which they are student teaching (unless they must attend “penalty” convocations).

All events in the Caney Convocation Series are free and open to the public. The convocation series at Alice Lloyd College is partially subsidized by The Edward G. Hefter Endowment Fund. If you would like to contribute to the endowment fund for convocations, please contact Ms. Margo Sparkman, ALC’s Director of Development, Alice Lloyd College, 100 Purpose Road, Pippa Passes, KY 41844 or via e-mail at

For a complete listing of programs in our Convocation Series, click here for the Convocation Schedule.

Convocation Dress Code

All convocation programs are professional dress occasions except for the Student Work Awards Day convocation. Guides for professional dress can be found in the Student Handbook. In addition to those requirements, male and female students must keep their suit jackets on during the entire program.

For questions or to recommend a guest for the Convocation Series, please contact:

Janet Johnson, Director of Convocations
Phone: (606) 368-6136

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