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Academic Resources

ALC provides students with a variety of academic resources to help them succeed. Below you will find information about academic advising and faculty office hours, finding a tutor, computer labs, career placement, and receiving counseling during difficult times. College life can be hard, but the faculty and staff at ALC are here to help!

Academic Advising / Faculty Office Hours

Good planning is a key ingredient for academic success. In order to promote good planning, each student is assigned a Faculty Advisor. Students work closely with Faculty Advisors to develop a schedule of classes and activities that will best help in the achievement of academic goals. Faculty Advisors also assist students in choosing a major area of study and fulfilling the College’s graduation requirements. Advisors are assigned by the Registrar on the basis of the student’s academic and professional interests and intended major. A student who wishes to change his or her Faculty Advisor may obtain a Change of Academic Student Status form for this purpose from the Registrar.

Click here (pdf) for Faculty Office Hours for Spring 2015.


Tutoring is available to Alice Lloyd College students. Each semester, a list of trained tutors is compiled by the professors to help struggling students with various classes. Tutoring is done on a one-to-one basis by fellow students and faculty and in group sessions arranged by instructors and the Coordinator of Tutorial Services. Regular meetings with a counselor and tutoring are part of the special assistance required for students on academic probation.

Please click here (pdf) to see the Spring 2015 tutoring schedule!

Computer Labs

Computer-LabsThe first floor of the McGaw Library and Learning Center includes the Bill and Hilda Baum Technology Center. The technology center consists of a walk-in computer laboratory for ALC students, which is open approximately 75 hours per week. The computer lab is used for scheduled classes where faculty members make use of the technology. The lab features state-of-the-art computers, the latest software, laser printers for output, and have Internet access. Computers run Windows XP Pro, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint), and McAfee Virus Scan. Lab hours are posted on the door and communicated to faculty and staff. A casual lounge is located between the computer lab and the Ralph Edwards Auditorium.

Alice Lloyd College provides five computer labs for student access:

Walk-In Lab

30 Units, 3 Laser Printers
Open to ALL students.
Hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday: 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Location: Computer Center – McGaw Library and Learning Center, 1st Floor

Business Resource Center Computer Lab

7 Units, 1 Laser Printer, 3 Inkjet Printers
Open to all Business majors.
Hours posted at location.
Location: June Buchanan Alumni Center, 2nd Floor

Education Curriculum Center Computer Lab

4 Units, 1 Laser Printer
Open to all Education majors.
Hours posted at location.
Location: June Buchanan Alumni Center, 2nd Floor

English Resource Center Computer Lab

5 Units, 1 Laser Printer
Open to all English majors.
Hours posted at location.
Location: June Buchanan Alumni Center – English Department,1st Floor

Natural Science Resource Center Computer Lab

6 Units, 1 Laser Printer
Open to all Natural Science and Mathematics majors.
Hours posted at location.
Location: Andersen Science Center, 3rd Floor

Career Placement

The Office of Career Services at Alice Lloyd College provides career and life planning services for students. The following services are provided: general testing (interest inventories) and occupational and vocational information and guidance. The Office of Career Services gives assistance to all students in the areas of resumé writing, employability skills, graduate study information, study skills, preparation of individual credentials, and interview opportunities.

Counseling Services

The Retention Counselor is available to help students cope with the normal hassles of college life. Students who need clinical evaluation or follow-up are referred to the local counseling agency, Kentucky River Community Care, or are helped to find mental health services in their home communities.

Counseling Services Contact Information

Charlene Bentley, Retention Counselor
(606) 368-6110

Kentucky River Community Care
(606) 785-3556

KRCC 24-Hour Crisis Hotline (for emergencies only)

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