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Kentucky lawmakers have approved a state program to use coal severance dollars to help students finish four-year degrees. The $4 million, 34-county program is to be administered by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA). Students who reside in the 34 coal-producing counties can use the money at any public or private school in any other coal-producing county.

So, what does this mean for Alice Lloyd College students?

Any Alice Lloyd College student who is a permanent resident of one of the coal-producing counties and has earned 60 college credit hours toward their first bachelor’s degree may apply for the new Kentucky Coal County College Completion Scholarship. The application deadline is May 1, 2015.

According to the KHEAA, students must meet the following requirements to apply:

o    Be a U.S. citizen.
o    Be a permanent resident of a Kentucky coal‐producing county.
o    Have earned at least sixty (60) credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree.
o    Be enrolled at least half‐time in a bachelor’s degree program.
o    Be in good academic standing.
o    Have no past due financial obligations to KHEAA.

Recipient may receive:

o    Up to $6,800 per year at nonprofit, independent institution located in a coal-producing county;
o    Up to $2,300 per year at public university extension campus located in a coal‐producing county;
o    Up to $3,400 per year at public or nonprofit, independent institution whose main campus is in Kentucky, but not in a coal‐producing county.*

*KCCCCS funds may be awarded at an institution that is not located in a coal‐producing county only if an eligible student is pursuing an approved bachelor’s degree program in a field of study that is not offered at any institution located in a coal‐producing county.

To access the application, students will need to go to KHEAA’s website,, and sign in to MyKHEAA (top right-hand corner on the homepage). Select “MyKHEAA.” Then, click “Apply Online for Scholarships” and select “Kentucky Coal County College Completion Scholarship.” Please note: Students who are first-time visitors will be asked to register for a MyKHEAA account before they can access the application.

You will also need to complete your FAFSA, which is also a requirement for this program.

The applications will be processed by the KHEAA on a first-come, first-served basis.

Click here to find a list of all participating schools.

If you have questions about whether or not you qualify, please contact the Alice Lloyd College Office of Financial Aid for assistance: (606) 368-6058.

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